150 Feet Bulk Flat Bands

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SKU: B150


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  • 150 total feet of resistance bands (not continuous); 5.5 inches wide
  • Can be cut to any length with scissors
  • Weight designation printed on the bands in kilograms and pounds
  • No visible logos or branding
  • May have a light vanilla scent
  • Comes in white dispenser box


Great for strength training, rehabilitation, stretching, and more. Used by major clinical institutions and fitness facilities around the world! Each spool contains at least 150 feet (but not continuous) of natural latex therapy band. It can be cut to any desired length with scissors. Bulk flat exercise bands are packaged in a convenient dispenser box. This product may contain dry rubber or natural latex.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Rolls are not continuous. Each box contains a total of 150 feet of latex band. However, a single band is usually separated into 2 to 3 very long segmented pieces, which may vary in length. Blue, indigo, and violet bands ship in one box as two 75ft rolls.


Color Max Resistance Band Thickness Shipping Weight
Red 3.3 lbs .15 mm (5.91 mils) 3 lbs
Orange 4.5 lbs .20 mm (7.87 mils) 3 lbs
Yellow 6 lbs .25 mm (9.84 mils) 4 lbs
Green 8 lbs .30 mm (11.81 mils) 5 lbs
Blue 10 lbs .38 mm (14.96 mils) 7 lbs
Indigo 15 lbs .53 mm (20.87 mils) 7.95 lbs
Violet 20 lbs .68 mm (26.77 mils) 10.35 lbs