Workoutz Wholesale Assorted Color Vinyl Speed Ropes

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Sold in packs of six. Rope color cannot be specified. Assorted colors for all sizes: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple. Handles have a constant color based on size, but actual rope will vary in color. Handles are just under 4.5" long. Our top selling speed rope for large groups. Commercial quality, durable, long-lasting vinyl rope. Assorted, random colors (mostly two-toned). Rope length is imprinted on each handle. Each rope is individually polybagged. Handles are just under 4.5" long.


Size/Handle Color:
SPR66ft Assorted Speed Rope - Black Handle, 6 Pack2 LBS ($12.00)
SPR77ft Assorted Speed Rope - Red Handle, 6 Pack2 LBS ($12.00)
SPR88ft Assorted Speed Rope - Yellow Handle, 6 Pack2 LBS ($12.00)
SPR99ft Assorted Speed Rope - Blue Handle, 6 Pack2 LBS ($12.00)
SPR1010ft Assorted Speed Rope - Green Handle, 6 Pack2 LBS ($12.00)