Basic Resistance Tube (10 Pack)

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SOLD IN PACKS OF 10. Great quality; designed for commercial use. Our most popular resistance tube. Standard 4.6ft length accommodates most users. Rotating plastic handles. Plain, unmarked tubing with no insignias or logos. Each tube is individually packaged. This is a commercial quality rubber tube that is used by a number of high profile schools/colleges, clinical institutions, athletic training facilities, and more. The tubing portion measures approximately 4 feet (122cm) in length unstretched. The length of the tubing with handles included is approximately 4.6 feet (140cm). This product may contain traces of dry rubber or natural latex and is not suggested for those with latex allergies. Has plastic handles.


Color Max Resistance Inner Diameter Wall
Yellow 4 - 5 lbs 6.3 mm 1.6 mm
Green 7 - 8 lbs 6.3 mm 2.0 mm
Red 9 - 10 lbs 6.3 mm 2.5 mm
Blue 12 lbs 6.3 mm 3.0 mm
Black 16 lbs 7.9 mm 3.5 mm