Thera-Band 50 Yd Bulk Rolls

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Key Features:


  • 50 yards (150 feet) of bulk latex band roll packed in a convenient dispenser box
  • Thera-Band® is the most widely used resistance band by health practitioners
  • Available in five color-coded resistance levels (other levels available by request)
  • Dimensions: 50 yards by 5.5" wide
  • Can be cut to any length with scissors
  • Available in other resistance levels upon request


Thera-Band® Professional Resistance Bands help users rehabilitate injuries, improve functional living and enhance athletic performance. Color-coded progressive resistance gives at-a-glance indication of progress from one level to the next.


Why should I purchase Thera-Bands?


No other elastic resistive exerciser has been studied more extensively than Thera-Band bands and tubing. Thera-Band resistive exercisers have been clinically proven in use for over 30 years to improve strength, range of motion, balance, and functional activities in many different patient populations.


Thera-Band Color Progression Chart


Color Resistance at 100% Elongation Resistance at 200% Elongation
Yellow / Thin 3.0 lbs / 1.3kgs 4.3 lbs / 2.0kgs
Red / Medium 3.7 lbs / 1.7kgs 5.5 lbs / 2.5kgs
Green / Heavy 4.6 lbs / 2.1kgs 6.7 lbs / 3.0kgs
Blue / Extra Heavy 5.8 lbs / 2.6kgs 8.6 lbs / 3.9kgs
Black / Special Heavy 7.3 lbs / 3.3kgs 10.2 lbs / 4.6kgs

Additional resistance levels available upon request.